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16 September 1994
Can you fix my soul, can you break my heart tonight?

about me.

Hi, I'm Kzy and I'm 15.
I love the idea of being in love and i love rainy days, good eye days and the smell of lemon grass. I love reading, and i'm learning Ballet and modern dance. I love painting my nails the colours I love (they're white currently) and I love pressing my bruises and historical romance novels, I love the feel of adrenaline rushing through my veins and the first bite of an apple. My favourite band is Tokio Hotel, you don't have to like them, my friends don't, but just don't insult them to me. I love movies and books that makes me cry and getting a nice tan. Seeing enemies embarrass themselves gives me a satisfactory feeling and when people that deserves karma gets karma. I love the milky smell that babies' skin emitts, betting someone about something that i know i'm going to win, clean toliets, sunny days, sunlight acting as my main light, getting bed sheets changed into cripsy new ones. The thrill of watching an horror movie, mysteries and crime books, eating an Oreo whole and eating an oreo layer-by-layer, guavas, mangosteens, durians, sour mangoes (only, i detest sweet ones) and the waiting and anticipation for something that is coming.

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